Cell Therapy

The Process

Cell therapy is an innovative field that uses living cells to treat disease and injury. Whether developing novel chimeric antigen receptor therapies (CAR-T), reprogramming induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSc), or developing other cell therapy products, you need a reliable and efficient workflow. Our cell therapy solutions can enable you to modify, manufacture, and characterise your Cell Therapy products with the precision required to advance personalised therapeutic research.

Step 1

Present your CONCEPT: a chimeric antigen receptor or other cell therapy sequence to be investigated.

Step 2

Our scientific team evaluates your requirements and prepares an experimental plan.

Step 3

We design, generate, and process your Cell Therapy sequences through our quality-controlled workflows.

Step 4

Primary cells are transduced or transfected with the validated sequences. Evaluation and selection instruments allow isolation…

Equipment we use for Cell Therapy

Lightning Optofluidic System Bruker Cellular Analysis

A single-cell analysis platform that enables the isolation, growth, analysis and recovery of immune cells. The system uses optofluidic technology to isolate individual cells, allowing...

IsoSpark Duo Bruker Cellular Analysis

An automated platform for immune cell signalling. Map >30 cytokines to individual immune cells in culture, to reveal and polyfunctional subpopulations. The IsoSpark Duo enables...

Cocoon Platform Lonza

An automated, closed and flexible, cell therapy manufacturing platform. seamlessly integrates multiple steps, including upstream and downstream processing for a complete cell manufacturing solution.

ExPERT STx™ MaxCyte

Scalable static or flow electroporation for high-yield, transgene expression. Transfection of 75,000 - 20 billion cell, faster production of stable clones. ISO-certified and scalable production...


Multiplex marker analysis, cell population enrichment or single cell isolation based on

SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer Applied Biosystems

Sequence confirmation using Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis for De novo sequencing, Targeted sequencing Plasmid Sanger sequencing, CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing confirmation, Cell line authentication Detection...

QuantStudio Absolute Q Applied Biosystems

Digital droplet PCR for absolute quantification of nucleic acid sequences. Offers improved inhibitor tolerance, precision, reproducibility and sensitivity relative to standard PCR. 

QuantStudio 7 Pro Applied Biosystems

A real-time PCR system for quantification of nucleic acid sequences. The system offers RFID-enabled workflows, interchangeable blocks (96 and 384-well) and remote monitoring.

Kilobaser one Kilobaser

A desktop DNA Printer. Rapid, reliable oligo sequence synthesis up to 50 bases in length to support your evolving research needs.

TapeStation 4200 Agilent

Automated electrophoresis platform for nucleic acid and protein sample quality evaluation.

Unlock the potential of your research. CONCEPT is equipped with next-generation instrumentation and supports to accelerate research into the next wave of innovative therapies. Let’s turn your CONCEPT into realty with our biotherapy research solutions