Sequence Generation

The Process

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Sequence Design and Optimisation

A researcher has a sequence of interest that must be generated to advance their research. The digital sequence or variants are first designed, optimised and adjusted for inclusion of dedicated features. Optimised sequences are assessed in silico and graded before high fidelity sequence generation is initiated.

Sequence Generation

Nucleic acid sequence fragments, clones and libraries are built, amplified and assembled using Gibson or Golden Gate assembly.

Sequence Evaluation

Sequences are interrogated and validated by Sanger sequencing before transfection or transduction into the target cell or assembly into lipid nanoparticles.

Equipment we use for Sequence Generation

Sequence Generation
Sequences are synthesised and assembled using Gibson or Golde Gate assembly.

Sequence Evaluation
A suite of instruments is then used for quality control and validation of the sequences before transfection or transduction initiation.

BioXP 9600 & 3250 Telesis Bio

Automated synthesis of gene fragments and clones from digital sequences. Using custom reagents; DNA fragments, clones and variant libraries can be built, amplified and assembled...

SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer Applied Biosystems

Sequence confirmation using Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis for De novo sequencing, Targeted sequencing Plasmid Sanger sequencing, CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing confirmation, Cell line authentication Detection...

Kilobaser one Kilobaser

A desktop DNA Printer. Rapid, reliable oligo sequence synthesis up to 50 bases in length to support your evolving research needs.

QuantStudio Absolute Q Applied Biosystems

Digital droplet PCR for absolute quantification of nucleic acid sequences. Offers improved inhibitor tolerance, precision, reproducibility and sensitivity relative to standard PCR. 

QuantStudio 7 Pro Applied Biosystems

A real-time PCR system for quantification of nucleic acid sequences. The system offers RFID-enabled workflows, interchangeable blocks (96 and 384-well) and remote monitoring.

TapeStation 4200 Agilent

Automated electrophoresis platform for nucleic acid and protein sample quality evaluation.

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